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The 'No Olympian Team' demolishes another opponent

At this point in the early season of the WNBA, only two teams remain undefeated, one of them being the Los Angeles Sparks. Their most recent game brought a great match up with two premier players in the league in Elena Delle Donne and Candace Parker. Parker showed her skills once again, following the league hashtag, #WatchMeWork.

Andrew Bernstein, Getty Images

The Los Angeles Sparks added another win to their name, winning 93-80 over the Chicago Sky.

It was a match-up between Candace Parker and last year's MVP, Elena Delle Donne. While these two are foes on the court, there's a tangible mutual respect.

"Candace was one of my biggest role models," Delle Donne said Monday before the Chicago Sky faced Parker's Los Angeles Sparks.

Parker also acknowledged the strength in her opponent: "Elena is a great scorer. Her size and versatility and ability to create her own shot is second to none."

An interesting point to review, before the game Parker had another comment that everyone should pay attention to:

"We have no Olympians on this team." (Mind you, Parker had a sly grin when she said that :))

Would you know that, considering how well the Sparks have been playing out of the gate? No Way. The Sparks have been playing like they are our Olympic team.

The comment wasn't just shade being thrown on her own behalf, if you recall, Nneka Ogwumike, was also left off the 2016 Olympic team.

Highlights of the game:

Sparks, Sparks and MORE SPARKS -- Parker scored 26 points with 9 rebounds.

While the Sparks were dominant, the Sky put up a good fight.

The breakdown:

The Sparks broke away early, ending the quarter with 25 points to the Sky's 18. The second quarter was dominated by the Sparks scoring an additional 28 points, rounding it out the half 53 to 35. Bottom line they had NO ANSWER for Parker, none, zero, zilch!

In the second half, Chicago did everything they could to start scoring comparatively to Los Angeles, ending the third, 77-56. Finally, the Sky did their best to rally, out-scoring the Sparks by eight points. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough, and Los Angeles took home their fourth win this season, with an undefeated record.

Next, Sparks play tonight at 7 PM EST against the Connecticut Sun.

The Sky move on to play the San Antonio Stars Friday at 7 PM CT.