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Parker is 'mad at the world' as Sparks remain undefeated

A key match up between the Chicago Sky and the Los Angeles Sparks would be the battle between Candace Parker and Elena Delle Donne. Both are former MVPs and the faces of their respected teams. In this game, Parker would take over and the Sparks defense on Delle Donne would keep her under double digit scoring.

Gary Dineen NBAE/Getty

Rosemont, IL -- Tonight's game was one of those games you had to be at. Though Chicago lost its third straight game, tonight's game was competitive and exciting. Chicago shot 50.7% while LA shot 46.2%.

The Sky also outrebounded the Sparks, 34-29. However, the Sky fell short on their defense sending the Sparks to the line 32 times. Chicago struggled behind the arc as well, shooting 12% compared to Los Angeles' 41%.

However, the biggest game changer was the fact that Chicago native, Candace Parker, was sent to the line 10 times and got 10 of her 17 points in the first half from free throws.

And while Parker wasn't as hot as she has been from the three-point shot tonight, she finished 2-5 behind the arc. But because she was sent to the line so many times in the game, Parker still finished with 26 points, 12 of those points came from bad defense decisions from the Sky.

As you all probably know, Parker did not make it into the Olympics this year ... I know! SHOCKER!  Coach Chatman shared her thoughts on that.

"I was shocked like pretty much everyone else was," said Chatman. "She is one of the best players in the world. I was surprised; she is a nightmare match up. I'm a little irritated because I have to play her two more times -- and she is mad at the world."

Elena Delle Donne was surprised too: "She is an amazing player, I'm just glad they picked me. I'm excited to be on the USA team for the first time."

Olympian Delle Donne struggled offensively tonight with eight points and six rebounds.

While she is excited for the Olympics this summer, Delle Donne wasn't pleased with her performance this evening: "Other than the fact I couldn't throw in the ocean -- allowing that to affect my defense. That's been the biggest problem this season ... allowing our offensive flow affect us on defense. Obviously they scored 93, we aren't getting it done. We need to execute."

Despite some bad decisions defensively, Chicago continued to attack on the offensive end, especially when it looked like the Sky were going to get ran off the floor. Former Blue Demon, Allie Quigley, had some nice threes. Jamierra Faulkner had great drives, blowing past her defender and give-n-gos.

With three minutes to go in the third quarter, Faulkner got her first steal of the night, taking it down the court to lead the fast break. She hit Tamera Young with a no-look pass, who scored a left-handed layup to push the score to, 64-51 advantage Los Angeles.

Young finished with 15 points, nine rebounds. Faulkner finished with 17 points, 10 assists, but turned the ball over six times.

Chatman wasn't pleased with Faulkner's six turnovers, but she still thought she grew as an athlete. "She was fearless and didn't make the same mistake. Not pleased with the outcome, but I'm pleased with how she grew during the game."

No matter how pretty the move or the shot was for Chicago, Los Angeles always found an answer and calmed down the crowd. And the Los Angeles Sparks remain undefeated, and the Chicago Sky dropped to 1-3.

The Sky will look to bounce back, as they go to San Antonio Friday to start their three-game road trip. The Sparks hope to stay undefeated, as they take on Connecticut at 6 pm.