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Tyler Summitt's bias towards 1 player led to discord

A report in USA Today Sports indicates there was concern among the players of what they saw occurring among the team.

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Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Earlier this week, Tyler Summitt abruptly resigned because of an inappropriate relationship. Sources shared with Swish Appeal on Thursday, that Summitt has gotten the player he was involved with pregnant.

And today, as reported by USA Today Sports, players and parents had become increasingly concerned of the favoritism that Tyler Summitt had for one particular player: Brooke Pumroy. One specific player that took exception of the favoritism of Pumroy was Ashley Santos, a player who also played with Pumroy at Marquette.

Santos' father, Jose Santos, shared with USA Today Sports that other girls on the team had addressed his daughter about the situation, and Santos then addressed the coaching staff, which assured her that being there would be changes. Jose elaborated on said changes, "I know for sure that Ashley was told there would be adjustments made, and it never happened."

"We just felt that at the very least there was some basketball favoritism going on,’’ Santos said. "If you know basketball, you could just see it. … (Pumroy) was doing whatever she wanted to do. She played without any fear of consequence.’’

Another parent spoke about the preferential treatment to USA Today Sports was Risha Morten.

"She could mess up a million times and (Summitt) wouldn’t take her out,’’ Risha Moten said. "There were so many things where Brooke could do anything she wanted to do and still stay on the court. Brooke, she had the green light on everything.’’

Pumroy has deactivated her Twitter account and has chosen to forgo her last year of playing eligibility.

More details to come.