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Mystics begin training camp without Kara Lawson

Could Kara Lawson be retiring from the WNBA to focus more on being an ESPN broadcaster?

One veteran who has not been mentioned during the offseason and as the training camps have started is Kara Lawson. She has been in the league for the past 13 season, most recently spending the last two years with the Washington Mystics.

The reported there has not been an official word from Lawson on retiring; however, her head coach feels that could be the direction she is headed to as she is focused now on being a broadcaster for ESPN.

"She chose to work for ESPN as of right now, " Mystics coach Mike Thibault stated in regards to Lawson not being on the roster for the Mystics currently as they head into the 2016 season.

This has not been the first time Lawson has been an analyst during the WNBA offseason; she usually covers college and professional basketball. As the NBA Playoffs are going on currently, Lawson can be seen covering before, during and after games conclude.

Last season she averaged 9.6 points and shot 93.9 percent from the free-throw line in 22 games. Lawson has shot 39 percent from deep which helped the Sacramento Monarchs win the title in 2005, a USA gold medal in 2008 and Thibault acquiring Lawson heading into the 2014 season.

While there has not been official word yet, curiosity is circulating of what the All-Star will do: end one great career or solidify one that has been in the shadows.