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Attorney: Other ISU players corroborate Fennelly's racism

Other players have shared with Nikki Moody's attorney they agree with her allegations made against Billy Fennelly.

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The Des Moines Register reported today, Nate Borland -- the attorney representing Nikki Moody in her lawsuit-- there are other teammates who stand behind Moody's allegations of the mistreatment from Bill Fennelly as a black player.

While Borland cannot share at the moment the specifics those other women have shared, they do have signed affidavits. Specifically, Borland told the Register this statement:

"There are other players — yes. And there are other players that have signed affidavits or who have confirmed with us that similar things and some cases even more directly racist comments were made."

Even with players coming forward supporting Moody, Borland is unsure if those players too will decide to sue Fennelly and become clients of his.

"I can’t say right now if there will be any other lawsuits," Borland said. "There are former players from Iowa State, who have reached out to us with corroborating information at this point. But we don’t have any additional clients yet."

As details continue to come forward on the lawsuit, particular parties have not been reached to make comments. The Register made an attempt to speak with Iowa State requesting a copy of the complaint or what the Office of Equal Opportunity review, yet to no avail and the same result when reaching out to Moody.

Iowa State did make a comment on the lawsuit and is supporting Fennelly:

"Iowa State takes issue with the allegations and looks forward to responding in full to the lawsuit as the legal process proceeds."

Since the news broke, Fennelly has not broken his silence on the lawsuit; Jamie Pollard the athletic director and Iowa State President Steven Leath also have not given any comments.

Lyndsey Fennelly is the daughter-in-law of Fennelly (husband Bill is an assistant on staff) who is leading individuals who support Fennelly, disputing all allegations against him. She told the Register she has not only spoken to about 35 former players, created a group message on Facebook, as well as the hashtag, #StandbyCoach.

"I wanted to be the one to sort of say, hey, if you’re on board supporting him, use the hashtag," Lyndsey Fennelly said.

Kidd Blaskowsky is a former player who also supports Fennelly because he was an equal opportunist when the times came to discipline his players.

"He yelled at white players, he yelled at black players, he yelled at foreign players," Blaskowsky said to the Register. "It’s crazy to see what’s going on here and be OK with it. That’s not what it’s about. I don’t know about the whole issue with the word "thug", but if you look at it in the dictionary, it doesn’t refer to black people."

At the moment it is in the air rather or not Fennelly will return as the head coach. Borland suspects the lawsuit will go to trial, and the jury will have to decide what will happen, included how much compensation Moody would receive.

The possible amount Moody could receive if she is to win the lawsuit is unknown. Earlier this month the Chicago Tribune reported seven former players of the women's basketball team at the University of Illinois were awarded $375,000 to split for their allegations of being racially discriminated against.