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Ex-coach in sex abuse case found not guilty

Reports, judge finds Bryce McKey not guilty.

Photo by Greg Rust

As reported today by the WCPO Cincinnati News,  the judge in the Bryce McKey sexual abuse case, announced he is not guilty.

McKey is the former assistant coach of the women's basketball team at Xaiver University. He was accused of sexually abusing one of his players. McKey was charged back in August by local police with one count of third-degree abuse for reportedly groping a Xavier student at his home back in May.

He was also found not guilty on the charge related to giving alcohol to underage women.

In August, he resigned from coaching at Maryland before the accusations could be brought against him. The University of Maryland did hire him, however McKey also resigned from there following a suspension from the university.

Following his resignation head coach of Maryland, Brenda Frese, released a statement sharing he stepped down from his position to "tend to his personal matters."