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No luck needed, No. 2 Notre Dame weathers Hurricanes

The Fighting Irish avenged their only ACC loss since joining the conference in a quarterfinal tournament game against Miami in 2015. This year was the first time Miami had won two games in the same ACC Tournament and the second time it has beaten a higher seed in the event.


Greensboro, NC - The Miami Hurricanes and Notre Dame's Fighting Irish met on Saturday, March 5th for game one of the Semifinals at the ACC Tournament.

The Fighting Irish (30-1) succeeded the Miami Hurricanes (24-8), 78-67 and will take on the winner of the Syracuse and Louisville game that is set to tip off at 2:30 for the Championship game on Sunday, March 6th.

Just 10 seconds into the game and Lindsay Allen put Notre Dame on the board, but Miami came back with a rapid response and sunk in a three. That set the tone for the first period; Notre Dame led at the end of the first, 23-19.

Knowing The Hurricanes had to defend against Notre Dame's Brianna Turner, Miami managed to pick up nine personal fouls that put Notre Dame 11-of-14 for free throw attempts. At this time in the game, Miami had no opportunities for free throw attempts.

"Foul trouble just completely handcuffed us in the first half. I thought we did a fantastic job of overcoming it and staying focused," said Miami Head Coach Katie Meier.

"I loved our effort, I loved taking the lead. There's no way I will ever say that we just lost our legs in those shots. That's the truth and the lesson I want my team to understand."

Turner, who leads the conference in field goal percentage and blocked shots, singlehandedly was 7-of-12 in free throw attempts by the end of the second period to put The Fighting Irish ahead by one, 39-38.

Miami pulled ahead, 47-44 as six minutes remained in the third for a 7-0 Miami run. Notre Dame's Mychael Johnson answered with a three and joined The Irish at 47. To finish off the third, Notre Dame was 59-51 over The Hurricanes.

The Fighting Irish grew their biggest lead at the start of the fourth, ahead by 12 to Miami.

That was only the beginning for The Irish as they moved to a 15-point lead over The Hurricanes in the fourth.  Notre Dame stormed past the Miami Hurricanes to take the win, ­­­78-67.

"We're just such a team. We don't have one player who is going to carry the load the whole year. We're the type of team that's just going to feed the hot hand," said Notre Dame Head Coach Muffet McGraw.

Notre Dame's Turner led with 17 points and nine rebounds. Teammate Allen contributed 12 points, and eight assists, and Madison Cable added 14 points.

"You don't learn a lot about your team when you win by 20. This is the kind of game where you learn a lot about your team, and I think it really helped us," said McGraw.

Jessica Thomas led for Miami with 17 points and went 5-of-8 in three-point shots.

"We're really thrilled on our improvements from the last time we faced them and as a coach, that's your job," said Meier.