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New information emerges in FIU sexual assault investigation

The Miami Herald reported there is an email track record which gives insight on Destini Feagin being suspend before she came forward with the sexual harassment against Marlin Chinn.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

There is an emailing corresponds in which all members of FIU, students and faculty, have received surrounding the incident with Destini Feagin and Marlin Chinn. The Miami Herald reported the email includes the information of Feagin being suspend on February 23rd for an incident with two FIU police for a team violation. Her suspension came a couple of days before her accusations came forward about Chinn.

Also stated in the email, Chinn is suspended still as the investigation is under way. However, there were no remarks shared in the email addressing why Chinn was allowed to coach in the teams' game February 27th.

In the email it addresses a criminal theft investigation involving Feagin was opened by FIU police on Feb. 15; her name wasn't included in the email, though.

An insert from the email does not mention her name; however, it does include his reading, "Based on information provided to the Athletic Department on February 22, the student-athlete was suspended from the women’s basketball team the following day.

Subsequently, the student-athlete reported serious allegations against an FIU employee. Investigations have already started under Title IX guidelines and NCAA by-laws. Based on the information gathered so far, head women’s basketball coach Marlin Chinn has been suspended, pending the outcome of the investigation."

In chronological order, the Herald reported based on the email sent out, Feagin was suspended on February 23rd, yet Chinn didn't tell her until February 24th. Come February 25th, Feagin reported her accusations to the athletic department, as well as President Mark Rosenberg, whom she happened to cross paths with.

The Herald took a step by emailing external relations and media relations at FIU Wednesday afternoon in hopes to get more information from Rosenberg surrounding the situation. While external relations responded later that evening indicating they "will find out and let you know," there has been no more correspondence.