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Wolfpack ambushes Boston College

There's only one word to describe the type of play NC State put on against Boston College: ambushed. The Wolfpack, running miles ahead of The Eagles, never allowed Boston College to catch up. It came down to who could fight harder.


Greensboro, N.C. - Since Boston College knocked off Virginia Tech in the first round of the ACC Tournament on Wednesday, March 2nd, the Eagles faced off against sixth-seeded NC State in the second round on Thursday at 8 p.m.

NC State pounced and sent the Eagles flying home, a final score of 76-60.

"I'm real excited to see our kids come out focused. They knocked down shots and got us going early with a lot of momentum and energy. We started a few games in the hole early, in fact, the last time we played Boston College we dug a hole early. It was good to see our kids respond and be ready for this atmosphere," said NC State Head Coach Wes Moore.

Hats off to NC State (20-10) as they advance to the quarterfinals on Friday against third-seeded Syracuse. Boston College finishes their season at 15-16.

"As a team, we tasted the close win so were ready to just eat it, we need to eat," said NC State Junior Forward Jennifer Mathurin when speaking about the last (and future) matchup against Syracuse.

NC State was red-hot and ready as the Wolfpack scored a quick 25 points while Boston College picked up seven in the first period. All-ACC Second Team members, Miah Spencer and Dominique Wilson, each added eight points for the Wolfpack. NC State's Jennifer Mathurin had four rebounds by the end of the first.

The Wolfpack entered the second half with a 42-18 lead over Boston College. The Wolfpack shot for 10-of-10 in free throw attempts while Boston College shot for 1-of-5 by the intermission. Kelly Hughes led Boston College with five points while Spencer led with 12 points for the Pack. Wilson had 10 points and 3 rebounds that finished off the first half.

At the end of the third period, the Wolfpack was well on their way to the quarterfinals as they ambushed The Eagles, 67-42. NC State held their largest lead at 1:06 in the third quarter with 28 points.

With the same rhyme and rhythm, NC State cruised to a win, 76-60 over the Boston College Eagles.

"March Madness, March gladness. They deserve all the credit they came out with all the energy and made plays, and it was fun to see," said Moore.

Spencer finished with 17 points and four assists for the Wolfpack. Wilson added 14 points, and Mathurin came on strong with 15 points and six rebounds. Nicole Boudreau led with 16 points for Boston College while Ella Awobajo contributed nine rebounds.