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Kelly Bond, darkhorse candidate finalists for SMU

SMU's head coaching position has been open for over a month, but it looks like things are picking up regarding who the replacement might be.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The incessant world of college openings has really picked up steam the past two weeks. And while some of the top coaching jobs have been filled, Wisconsin (Jonathan Tsipis) and Colorado (JR Payne), there's another job that has a tremendous amount of upside: SMU.

Many names have been floated as potential replacements for the now retired Rhonda Rompola: Sheryl Swoopes, Gail Goestenkors, etc. But according to multiple sources, Texas A&M Associate head coach Kelly Bond will be visiting the SMU campus today.

Another name that's very involved is another prominent name in the state, Texas Associate head coach Travis Mays. For the longest, these two names have been the ones most associated with the position with the Mustangs.

However, Swish Appeal has learned that there is another mystery candidate that could be the new contender for the position. And sources say to not summarily dismiss this candidate, as it's very plausible that they might get the job.

All three candidates are being brought on campus this week.