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Landmark year brings eye-popping uniforms to WNBA

The WNBA is making moves as they come into their 20th year as an organization. Fans will see new uniforms, new game ball, new apparel and see limited-edition shoes.


This year tips off the 20th season for the WNBA. For this monumental year, teams will have new uniforms and other commemorative items to be seen throughout the year. The beginning of the season starts on May 14th with five games with the defending champs; the Minnesota Lynx verse the Phoenix Mercury on ESPN at 7:30 pm.

The league's official on court apparel provider, Adidas has come together with the WNBA to provide 10 teams with new uniforms. Instead of the traditional white home colors and darker road uniforms, they will be replaced with primary and secondary team colors. Los Angeles and San Antonio will keep the uniforms they have as they are already featuring all-color uniform designs.

Since the league's inaugural season in 1997, there are three teams still standing with the New York Liberty, the Phoenix Mercury and the Los Angeles Sparks. The difference between the uniform for these three will be a patch on the left side of their uniforms to honor those franchises who have been in the WNBA since day one.

All teams will have a logo on the back of their jersey near the neckline as a tribute to the 20 years the WNBA has been going on. The front of jerseys will have a Verizon logo on 10 teams uniform, as they are a marquee partner.

Spalding has also joined in with the WNBA to introduce a new game ball which will have the 20th season logo engraved on it. Fans will be able to buy the basketball at the WNBA Store online beginning in April. The on-court debut of the court during the preseason of the WNBA on April 29th.

The final commemorative item will be a limited-edition 20th-anniversary sneaker. The sneaker will be black, orange and white with the inspiration of the 20th season logo.

There will be a limited number produced - only 150 pairs, which will be for league auctions and local team activations during the upcoming season. There will be apparel by Adidas celebrating the 20th anniversary of the WNBA online at the WNBA Store as well as the NBA Store on Fifth Avenue for the start of the season.