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Racism behind Sanchez's firing according to Hispanic groups

Earlier today, New Mexico fired Yvonne Sanchez. The timing of the firing was odd, as she was given a four-year contract extension last season. Needless to say, this did not go over well in the New Mexico community.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Usually, when a university fires a coach, especially in women's basketball, there is little pushback that the administration feels.

However, that doesn't seem to be the case in the wake of the firing of Yvonne Sanchez, as multiple Hispanic groups have come out strongly denouncing New Mexico's abrupt firing of Sanchez.

Ralph Arellanes, Chairman of the Hispano Round Table of New Mexico and Executive Director of New Mexico LULAC, was very blunt and terse in his statement regarding Sanchez's dismissal:

"The long tradition of UNM removing high performing and highly recognized Hispanos in all areas must stop or be prepared for strong consequences. Your Athletic Director Paul Krebs is no friend to our community and this latest action further proves my point.

"If anybody should be fired, its Coach Neal for such a pathetic season. Those games at the Pit are filled by New Mexico Hispanos. Maybe we ought to call for a boycott of UNM Athletics and see how you all like your bleachers empty."

But Arellanes wasn't done just yet; he saved his best contempt for the situation after Lobos Athletic Director Paul Krebs' press conference ended.

"I don't like that our tax dollars go to as [sic] bunch of lame White Coaches, White Athletic Director and frankly a White UNM President, who doesn't give a rats [sic] ass about our community or New Mexico,"You and your White cronies must be held accountable and Fired!"

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