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Bubble busted: St. Bonaventure stuns Oklahoma State

Both teams fought hard from start to finish, but it was near impossible for OSU to get past Katie Healy and St. Bonaventure's aggressive defense in round one game. For those who remember, the Bonnies were a bubble team being one of the last four teams added in the field of 64 teams.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Corvallis, OR -- Oklahoma State started the game out strong, balancing out the power with almost the entire roster getting points on the board in the first five minutes of the game. This led to a quick lead over St. Bonaventure, however, that lead did not last long as soon as Katie Healy turned it up a notch.

With a three-point play Healy closed a seven-point deficit to two, and with a three by Miranda Drummond, the Bonnies were able to grab their first lead of the night.

It didn't stop there as Rueter sunk a three, and before anyone knew it the Bonnies took their seven-point deficit to a nine-point lead in only seven minutes. The team went on a 10-0 run, as OSU was just failing to come up with some shots.

Halfway into the second, they began to pick themselves up as Walton and Wheeler both hit three's. St. Bonaventure was shooting 52% as OSU was only shooting 38.1%. However, OSU's ability to get the shots from downtown kept them afloat as they closed the gap to five points going into the half.

Neither team was giving into the other as they fought hard defensively to prevent the other from scoring. The teams went back and forth until Rueter got another big three, pushing the Bonnies further ahead.

Other aspects weren't as efficient, however, as they fouled eight times in the quarter taking the Cowgirls to the line four times. With this help of free throws, OSU was able to keep pace with St. Bonaventure as they went neck-and-neck scoring in the third.

The teams maintained this steady rhythm going into the fourth until the Bonnies decided they had enough. They were extremely aggressive on defense, and worked to draw the fouls on offense. Katie Healy grabbed another three-point play, and attempted at another however missed the basket to grab two from the line.

Sydney Walton sunk her third three to keep it going for OSU, but the Bonnies aggression was difficult to overcome. Emily Michael got a beautiful look from downtown, and with the effortless three, it was clear that St. Bonaventure had it. With two minutes left the Bonnies were up by 11, and as the final seconds counted down fans got on their feet as St. Bonaventure beat Oklahoma State, 65-54.

Katie Healy was the leading scorer for St. Bonaventure with 23 points, 3 rebounds followed by Nyla Rueter with 15 points, 6 rebounds and Miranda Drummond with 11 points, 3 rebounds.

Brittney Martin led Oklahoma State with a double-double 23 points, 13 rebounds followed by Sydney Walton with 13 points and Mandy Coleman with 7 points, 7 rebounds.