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FIU suspends coach for alleged sexual misconduct with player

FIU head coach Marlin Chinn has been accused for allegedly pursuing a sexual relationship with Destini Feagin, a player on the team.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Marlin Chinn has been suspended by FIU for alleged sexual misconduct, according to the Miami Herald. The player who has accused Chinn is senior Destini Feagin.

"FIU is conducting an investigation into allegations made against coach Marlin Chinn. Based on the allegations, the university has suspended coach Chinn, pending the outcome of the investigation. Because this is an ongoing investigation, the university will not provide additional comments at this time."

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Chinn is in his first year as head coach. On the year, his record is 4-23. Their season is still going on with two more games before the conference tournament begins on March 8th.

Feagin has reported to the NCAA the perverted comments her coach has made at her since he has become their head coach. She shared with the media, text messages Chinn had sent her making comments on her face, body, and keeping his eyes on her. In the beginning, she shared he didn't outright say his thoughts toward her; however, he was dropping hints at her which alerted her to his words.

Last Thursday night, according to the Herald, Feagin along with her mother Joi Nicholson, filed their NCAA complaint to Senior Associate Athletic Director Julie Berg, as well as FIU's director of equal opportunity programs and diversity, Shirlyon McWhorter.

Along with her complaint, Feagin admitted she may have violated an NCAA rule when she took $600 cash from Chinn earlier in the year. She had run into a debt of $500 which was keeping her from registering for a class.She thought since it was for school and to remain eligible, she wasn't breaking any NCAA rules.

Feagin told her coach of her issue, where he decided to give her the cash to pay off the debt. She asked how could she repay him, and he told her she would do so in other ways outside of cash.

It was not just Feagin who noticed the passes Chinn made at her. Teammate, Jade Cheek also emailed the NCAA on behalf of Feagin stating she saw the way their coach looked at Destini, didn't feel he was trusting at all.

Even further, Feagin felt her assistant coaches knew and would save her after an incident which took place on February 6th. She felt "powerless" and coming forward he (Chinn) would use the one thing she wanted to do against her: take way ball.

Friday was senior night for FIU. Destini was not able to participate in the ceremony with the other seniors, as Chinn had suspended her for four games. It is reported, his reasoning behind doing so was she had violated a team rule, her return was undecided.

Feagin stated the violation she committed was using her teammates' Panther bucks to buy food because hers had been depleted. On Monday, her mother Joi paid the $350 back to her teammate.

The suspension would keep Destini on the sidelines for the remainder of the regular season, as well as the first game of Conference USA tournament. Feagin feels the suspension was not for a team violation, however for her resisting his sexual advances.

During one of their meetings, Feagin recorded what Chinn was saying to her. However, because he was not aware of her recording, in court her proof may not be admissible. The recording shared Chinn stating he was, "Married. Kid on the way. Attracted to a woman I have, No. 1, no business being with because I’m coaching her. I’m putting everything on the line because of how I feel about you."

At the moment, Chinn has not made any comments on the allegations, according to the Herald. Athletic director Pete Garcia, has been reached but shared all comments must come from the university.