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INSANE! Rachel Banham scores 60, ties NCAA record!

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Only one other person has dropped 60 points in a Division 1 game, but today Rachel Banham tied that record with her. What else can be said, 60 points by one person is more than some teams can score.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

In a double overtime thriller, Rachel Banham tied a Division 1 record scoring 60 points! The record has been in place since 1987 when it was set by Cindy Brown out of Long Beach State.

Banham hit from all areas of the field, as she went 59% from the field, 53% from behind the arc and only missed two free throws for a percentage of 87.5. This young lady showed the nation she can put the ball in the basket. She was not only a scoring threat though. She pulled down eight rebounds, had four assist and stole the ball away twice from Northwestern.

I can only imagine how tired this young lady might be feeling right now, but she was able to lead her team to the win on her big career night. There's no doubt after a game like this she will be spending some time in an ice bath.