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WNBA Draft: Minnesota Lynx scout FGCU's 6'3" G Whitney Knight

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The Minnesota Lynx, who are known for their eye for talent, were at FGCU yesterday to see one of this year's most fascinating players in college basketball: Whitney Knight.

Photo by Linwood Ferguson

One of the more intriguing prospects in this year's WNBA Draft is FGCU guard Whitney Knight. And although she's been somewhat under the radar, that is changing, as this year's WNBA Champions, Minnesota Lynx, went to go see the 6'3" tour de force, do-everything guard from Florida Gulf Coast, per multiple sources.

Knight is so unique, outside of Breanna Stewart, there's not many people with her versatility at 6'3". With the skills of a point guard, and deep shooting range like Stephen Curry (and that's not a hyperbole), she will be one of the steals of this year's draft.

Her offensive skillset is very similar to Kevin Durant, which is great in itself, but what makes her a match-up nightmare is that she has the court vision and passing of a LeBron James -- you can't teach the passing gift, either you have it or you don't, and she has it in spades.

One of the most respected voices in women's basketball, LaChina Robinson, wrote on Twitter about Knight:

And it speaks volumes, that the best team in the WNBA, went all the way down to Fort Myers, Florida to see this rare, virtuoso talent. Here are some clips from yesterday's game, which highlights what makes her so dynamic and unique:

Deep three-pointer and gets a 4-point play (Take a look at how far she is from the three-point line).

Nice pass from the top of the key to teammate slipping a screen.

Another long three-pointer in transition.

Crossover in transition with the finish.

At 6'3", Knight has the kind of jaw-dropping talent and potential that could make the steal of the 2016 WNBA Draft.