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Warlick gets No. 100; DeShields gets reality check

Four players were able to score in double digits for the Lady Vols tonight in a back and forth scoring effort with Arkansas. While Tennessee locked down Arkansas in the second quarter, the Razorbacks came storming back in the third to give them a game, however, they fell short in their comeback.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Knoxville, TN -- The Arkansas Razorbacks traveled to Knoxville Thursday night to take on the No. 23 Lady Volunteers. After losing 59-64 in their first meeting, the Volunteers knew what they needed to bring to the table to defeat a young Razorback team. Tonight's win gave Tennessee Head Coach, Holly Warlick, her 100th career win, bringing her record to 100-28.

Holly Warlick was excited about her 100th win, but says she owes it all to the players, "The players were very excited. A lot of these kids have been with me all four years I've been here, and it's a great honor, I appreciate it. But it comes from surrounding yourself with great people," said Warlick.

The game got started with a lot of shooting from both teams. Three-pointers from each team to start the game contributed to the 42 points scored in the first quarter alone. With help from Te'a Cooper and Jordan Reynolds, the Volunteers were up by four after the first, a lead that would not stop there. Cooper finished the game with 13 points and Reynolds had eight.

The Lady Vols defense began to show up in the second quarter. A forced turnover by the Vols gave Diamond DeShields a breakaway opportunity to add two and put the Vols up by eight points. DeShields ended the game with 15 points and seven rebounds.

Picking up the defense was key for the Lady Vols, who held the Razorbacks to only eight points in the second quarter. Jaime Nared's two-pointer before halftime gave the Vols a 14 point lead, their biggest lead in the first half. Nared had seven points for the game.

The Lady Vols, who have struggled with third quarters all season, did just that tonight. Coming out after halftime, the Razorbacks were able to trim the lead to five points. That doesn't last long, though, as DeShields nailed one from the top of the key to give the crowd something to scream about.

DeShields had a visit with her dad before the game who gave her some advice, "He really just gave me a piece of reality. He told me to just slow down. I can't go as fast as I want right now because of my body and I think that has caused me a lot of trouble in past games."

The fourth quarter wasn't a pretty one for either team, but the Lady Vols were able to pull out the win, 75-57. Tennessee gets its fifth SEC win and improves to 14-8 for the season.

Mercedes Russell led the Lady Vols tonight with 15-points and 11 rebounds. Andraya Carter also had a great game, adding 10-points.

As expected, the Razorbacks Jessica Jackson had a great game, getting the first score of the game for the Razorbacks and finished the night with 18-points. Also standing out for the Razorbacks was Devin Cosper with 17 points and Jordan Danberry added nine.

"Well we came out here to win a ballgame, we were trying to sweep the Vols, I don't know if that's ever happened, but we didn't meet our goal," said Razorbacks Head Coach, Jimmy Dykes. "Holly's got a good team, and they're playing really really good."

The Vols next game will be in Texas against the Aggies this Sunday while the Razorbacks will travel to Nashville to face Vanderbilt next Monday.