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2019 top-ranked prospects visit Louisville

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Per sources, Nyah Green and Zoe Young will take a trip to Louisville this weekend. Both players are top-25 players for their class in the guard position.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Two of the nation's top talents in the 2019 class, Nyah Green and Zoe Young, will be visiting Louisville this weekend, per sources.

Green is a 6'0" guard out of Allen, Texas. Bringing size to the perimeter, she is an explosive guard who can break down players with her creative dribble. If she isn't getting to the rim, her mid-range game gets the scoring job done as well.

She isn't all offense, though, as she gets in the passing lanes on defense to create offense for herself. Green is one of the top guards in her class whose handles have been out for many to see since she was at least in the eighth grade. Not only does she cross over girls in her class, yet boys as well.

Young is the other top ranked guard out of Des Moines, IA. The 5'9" guard is explosive, elevating in her mid-range game. Her quick first step allows her to blow by defenders to penetrate the paint easily.