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Reggie Miller livid at USC for snubbing sister

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While NBA great Reggie Miller was visiting the Galen Center, he looked up to admire the retirement of his sister Cheryl Miller's jersey, however seeing the size of her recognition didn't sit well with him at all.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Whenever you travel to a gymnasium, it's enjoyable to look up at the rafters and see the retired jerseys of great players who have attended that university. For Reggie Miller, he too looked up and was admiring his sister--Cheryl Miller's jersey, when as he said, brought him to feel the University of South California should be "embarrassed and ashamed" at the size of the banner she was being recognized by.

He posted a picture on his Instagram and Tweeted for others to check out the post he was referring to. Cheryl didn't have a banner to herself such as Gus Williams does, however, she had a small space on a banner shared with the likes of Lisa Leslie, Cynthia Cooper-Dyke and Pam and Paula McGee, others who have had their jersey retired.

The NBA star feels for the career Cheryl had there and beyond her playing years as a Lady Trojan, she deserves and has earned her own banner, as well as the other Lady Trojan greats should have.

In his Instagram post, he further goes to explain the shocking nature of the banner size. Furthermore, he takes a shot at USC stating if she had graduated from UCLA, his alma mater, she would have her own banner -- without a doubt -- for the career she had when she played.

The USC Athletics Department did hear of his disappointment, correcting the NBA Hall of Famer that in fact other retired numbers share a banner just like the women's basketball greats do. Their Tweets include the mention of how the Boston Celtics share banners from numerous years, how many retired jerseys and national championship banners are hung and how Williams' jersey was just retired meaning next year he would no longer have his own banner, but be sharing a banner with other greats as well.

Regardless of their input, Reggie is adamant his sister should have her own banner, her own wing at the University.  USC does have something to think about, yet the disgust of one individual, although a Hall of Famer, might not persuade them to change their approach, as they have plans to continue keeping each great from all teams in the university on one banner.