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No. 7 Beavers beat down Bruins, win 14th straight

No team wants nothing more than a win, especially for senior night. And Oregon State did just that as they redeemed themselves from a loss against UCLA, taking ownership of the court defeating the Bruins 64-54, matching their longest winning streak in school history.

Corvallis, OR -- This game was one heck of a ride.

The Bruins defense was simply outstanding in the first quarter. Without a doubt, this team knows how to hold the Beavers, as they held them to 25% shooting. They were extremely aggressive and agile; with double coverage anywhere the ball went.

This really shook up the Beavers as they scrambled and rushed their shots, putting them at an 8-point deficit. Jordin Canada took the ball and ran with it as she collected 6 points early.

The Bruins hands down took quarter one, and Imma let you finish but....the Beavers took the rest of the game.

After some trial and error of running to the basket in quarter one, the Beavers moved on to one thing they are for sure good at- three's. Weisner and Weise combined for FIVE three's in the quarter starting with back-to-back buckets from downtown. These two really began to take off and pace the team a little better, which helped the Beavers move better as a unit.

"We just relaxed. We settled in a bit and got used to their pressure," said Weisner. "After the first quarter was over we just kind of brought it around and just really focused in and tried to stay calm."

The intensity of UCLA's defense did not break once, however, the two found that their strength lied within staying outside of the perimeter. This continued to work in their favor as they made three after three, edging them ahead to grab a lead of 34-29 going into the half.

The Beavers continued this clutch course of action going 4-0 right off the bat in quarter three as Fields, Billings and Canada fail to get the ball in going 1-7.

Oregon State relied on Ruth, with their plan of attack being to get the ball to her play after play. It worked out successfully, as she got four layups in less than five minutes.  This succession was followed by a 3-point play by Wiese, which put the Beavers at their biggest lead of 14 points.

Fields and Canada continued to pick things up on the other end, but UCLA was noticeably slowing down as Weisner was left wide open for a three with 34 seconds remaining, demonstrating Oregon State's sheer dominance.

Canada's athleticism really shone as she kept fighting hard in the fourth, but the Beavers were just too much to handle. OSU's defense stayed sturdy as they held the Bruins to 1 of 12 FG's, with Hamblin blocking their shots and grabbing the rebounds.

Hamblin was seriously inhuman as she pulled an Odell Beckham grabbing the ball on a backhanded catch and getting the layup.

Ruth, Sydney and Jaime were absolute stars tonight, all in double-digit points (Ruth and Jaime both with double-doubles). And it sure was a sight to see as the crowd went wild while the seniors walked off the court in final seconds remaining.

"When this crowd went crazy for those guys, how could you not get emotional? I think that's what emotions are for. For moments like that," said coach Scott Rueck.

"We've played in a lot of big arenas across the country," he continued, "And there's not a crowd like this one. I've never been on the road anywhere near what this is. I've been with more people...but not that atmosphere."

The game came to a closure with an ultimate redemption for the Beavers. Extending their winning streak to 14, No. 7 Oregon State defeated No. 12 UCLA tonight 64-54.

"I couldn't be more proud of a team, to face a team as good as UCLA, that is well coached, is disciplined and as talented throughout the roster to just lay it on the line like they did tonight," said Rueck.

Seniors Hamblin and Weisner both closed out the night with double-doubles; Weisner with 25 points, career-high 14 rebounds and Hamblin with 16 points, 15 rebounds.  Weise (who played for 39 minutes tonight) also impressed with 21 points, 3 rebounds.

Fields was the leading scorer for UCLA with 20 points, 6 rebounds followed by Canada with 15 points, 2 rebounds, and Billings with 10 points, 7 rebounds.