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WVU doesn't come to play, gets swept by Texas

The Longhorns Brooke McCarty and Imani Boyette put up some numbers in their win over West Virginia today. The two scored a combined 30 points, the best outing for Boyette in six games.

Photo by Susan Sigmon, Texas Athletics

AUSTIN, TX -- The Texas Longhorns completed their first ever sweep of the West Virginia Mountaineers on Sunday. The teams have been playing since the 2012-2013 season, and tonight's win continued a 4-0 streak for the Longhorns over West Virginia in Austin.

The first two minutes looked like a repeat of Kansas State from this Wednesday with no shots sinking for Texas, until guard Brooke McCarty dropped an effortless 3-pointer.

The slow start for the Longhorn offense prevented them from keeping up with the Mountaineers for the majority of the first period. Texas finally rallied in the last two minutes of the quarter, taking back the lead. The remainder of the period was back and forth, with West Virginia ending up on top 16-15.

The Longhorns took back the lead at the beginning of the second period thanks to a 12-point run giving the Horns a 10-point lead halfway through the period. The Mountaineers couldn't catch a break, 10 fouls and 12 turnovers helped lead to Texas gaining a 13-point lead with two minutes left to play. The Longhorns ended the period on a high note, with McCarty sinking another 3-pointer to close out the half 42-27.

Texas dominated the second period, scoring 27 points in comparison to 15 in the first period. The Horns also improved on rebounds, grabbing 11 in the period compared to West Virginia's four. McCarty was crucial for Texas throughout the half, contributing 16 points, followed by guard Ariel Atkins with 10.

"No excuse, we didn't come ready to play," Mountaineers head coach Mike Carey said following the game. "We got exactly what we had coming to us with the effort we gave. "

The second half started off slow, but the Horns maintained the momentum and were first on the board in the third minute. Texas guard Imani Boyette lit up the backboard in the third period scoring six consecutive points for the Horns, leading to establishing her highest scoring game since playing Kansas six games ago.

"When she's down on herself, we know that we have to pick her up to get her confidence going," McCarty said of Boyette following the game. "I mean her role is really big on this team, but if she falls we have her back. "

Two consecutive 3-pointers by Texas guard Brady Sanders further increased the Texas lead to 22 points with only two minutes left in the period. West Virginia failed to curb the Longhorn offense, ending the period with Texas on top 60-36.

The Longhorn offense didn't let down in the fourth period, increasing their lead to 30 points in the first five minutes. West Virginia was able to put up 14 points in the period, but it wasn't enough to cut the massive deficit Texas established.

"I think for quite some time we've been trying to find our energy and personality back again, and I definitely think that we found it today." Longhorns head coach Karen Aston said following the win. "We seemed to play very stress-free and really focused.

"I wouldn't even begin to point out an individual today because I thought our team was really good, and I thought that we did everything that we were supposed to do from a game-plan perspective."

The Longhorns continued their dominance in the period, largely thanks to 29 points from players coming off the bench. Texas finished out the game on top 73-50, securing their 13th conference victory.

McCarty led the Longhorns with 18 points in the contest, followed by Boyette with 12, and Atkins with 10. Tynice Martin led the Mountaineers with 12 points in the game.  The win puts Texas at 24-2 on the season and 13-2 in the Big 12, and West Virginia at 20-8 overall and 9-6 in the Big 12.