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Nasty brawl leads to charges for 4 high school players

As it is reported, four high school players are being charged after being involved in a fight last week.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

As reported, the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office has filed charges against four athletes who were fighting on the court in last week's game. There are players from both, North Pitt and Farmville Central, who are being charged. Two of the players being charged, still have to appear in juvenile court, therefore, their names have not been release.

One of those individuals is being cited for disorderly conduct, as well as simple affray. The other young lady is being cited for three offenses: simple affray, disorderly conduct and simple assault. At this moment, it has not been release what team these players play for.

It is reported that Quandramec Moore is being cited as well with simple assault, disorderly conduct and simple affray. It is reported she was caught on video hitting Teirra Pettway in the head, a player from Farmville Central. Like Moore, Dorian Sharp is from North Pitt being cited for simple affray and disorderly conduct.

The game was coming to the end with just under four minutes remaining when Diantynese Williams fouled Sharp, which sparked a confrontation. From that foul, things escalated as players from both teams, as well as fans, began to fight on the court.

The referees ejected five players, Moore and Sharp from North Pitt and Williams, Teirra Pettway and Qyinesha Pettway from Farmhill Central. All five players could potentially be suspended four games according to NCHSAA- which is mandated.

Since Farmville Central had three ejections, it is reported they no longer will be able to compete in the postseason being disqualified. On top of being disqualified from playoffs, the school must pay a $1,000 fine due to players leaving the bench. On the other hand, North Pitt still is eligible to play in the postseason.