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ESPN's Holly Rowe has tumor, undergoes surgery

Holly Rowe, a reporter for ESPN since 1998 went in for surgery today to have a tumor removed from her chest. Back in May of 2015, she had a tumor removed from the same area.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most familiar faces in women's basketball is undergoing a second surgery. ESPN announced today, broadcaster Holly Rowe would be undergoing surgery to remove a tumor from her chest.

Rowe previously had a tumor removed from her chest back in May. At the moment, there is no diagnoses of the tumor, but after surgery Rowe hopes to have a better idea of what it is, along with future steps for herself.

Holly shared with ESPN, she feels she can conquer whatever she faces with prayer, love and support from family and friends. There has been no set time on when she will return to work to be back on the sidelines. She is well known for her professionalism along the sidelines of college basketball games, NBA, WNBA, college football and softball.