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Diamond DeShields' father calls out Holly Warlick, later apologizes

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Delino DeShields was not a fan of Holly Warlick's coaching, after she didn't play his daughter the way he felt she should against No. 3 South Carolina. He later apologized for those comments.

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Monday night No. 3 South Carolina traveled to Knoxville, Tennessee to take on the #24 Tennessee. For those who watched the game, it was a close one and besides a low scoring second quarter, the Lady Vols were right in the game.

But there was one person, who clearly was displeased with Tennessee head coach Holly Warlick and the way she was coaching, Diamond DeShields' father, Delino, who played Major League baseball.

Twitter is a place to rant whatever you're feeling and Monday night DeShields' father, Delino DeShields, did just that, as he shared his feelings of disagreeing with Warlick and her substituting of his daughter in and out of the game, when he felt it was important her to be on the court at particular times, if the Lady Vols wanted to win against the Gamecocks. Here are some of the tweets:

His opinion is his daughter is the best player on the team, therefore in order to beat one of the top-ranked teams in the country she has to be on the court. He even Tweeted "good coaching recognizes bad coaching."

Does that mean he would be able to coach the Lady Vols better than what Coach Warlick is doing?

He has a track record of coaching, yet would he be able to take over a team when a legendary coach has to step away from the game?  If you want to talk about a coaching challenge, there you have it directly to the point for all to see, more specifically Holly Warlick as he did Tweet at her.

Fans of the Lady Vols gave him backlash, such as Twitter is not the right place to express his opinion and one even thought he was hacked. However, DeShields made sure to emphasize that his Twitter was not hacked:

He did, however, apologize to Coach Warlick and the rest of the Lady Vols nation admitting, yes these were still his thoughts--Warlick's coaching strategy isn't very good--however, where he went wrong was in the manner he shared his opinions, as that is not how he usually behaves. With his apology, he included he does want success for Warlick and her team:

Warlick has not made a statement, neither has Diamond DeShields about her father's Tweets. It's always tough when a parent gets involved with the playing time of their child, especially at the collegiate level. One big question is how is Diamond dealing with this rant that came from her father during her game Monday night?

Time will tell if Warlick and Lady Vols nation will accept his apology.