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Rueck notches 400th career win against Utes

With the royal clutchness Jamie Wiesner leading the Beavers to a huge win over Utah, the No. 8 Oregon State Beavers expand their winning streak to 12, marking coach Scott Rueck's 400th win of his career.

Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

Corvallis, OR -- "I loved our start. I loved the way we moved the basketball today," said OSU Head Coach Scott Rueck.

And needless to say, coach was right, as Ruth Hamblin just flat out killed it in the first quarter. Not only was she owning the defensive end, but she continued to slay on the offensive end. In the first three minutes of the game Ruth already had three huge blocks, keeping in mind that Ruth averages three blocks per game.

She was grabbing the offensive rebounds and taking them to the rim, as Weisner went on a shooting spree, landing shots from downtown and collecting 10 points in the first quarter alone.

Utah stayed on them as the Beavers slowed down offensively, looking fairly out of character missing a lot of their shots. They're incapability to get the ball in the basket resulted in scoring only two points in 8.5 minutes, which allowed Utah to close a once 12-point gap down to four, leaving us wondering which direction this ball game was headed. However, Weisner was not about to allow that to happen.

Jaime played with so much heart, as she chased after the ball up and down the court and dove out of bounds to try and save it. She really displayed how great of a player she is, being able to get the ball in the basket with palms in her face and a trail of bodies in her way. And though Oregon State was held below their average at only 38% shooting, their hunger in this game set them apart, as they were ahead by 10 points going into the second half.

It was very clear watching this game was that Utah had learned from their mistakes in their last game against Oregon, toning down their 3-point shot attempts. The Utes were 5-24 from the three-point line on Friday, which had an enormous impact on their loss in the game.

This time around the Utes only attempted 3 three's in the first half, which really would have been of great benefit driving to the basket. But instead, their shot attempts were just inadequate.

In the third quarter, Oregon State held the momentum as Deven Hunter came out clutch at the start of the third, with 6 of the team's 8 points in only two minutes with Sydney Wiese in assistance.

"She set the tone for our weekend. Taking care of the basketball; her teammates were the recipient of a lot of good looks because of it," said Rueck.

As the Beavers dominated on the floor, one thing was noticeably offbeat for the Utes, which was an absence of Emily Potter in the game aside from her fouls. Utah's usual leading scorer (avg. 16.3 PPG) shut it down in their last game on Friday, racking in 23 points for the team.

However in this game, she was evidently nowhere to be seen, as she was scoreless for the entire first half until she made her first bucket 3.5 minutes into the third.

Utah was able to pick up the pace as they were almost neck-and-neck with OSU scoring in the third, however, the team got into some foul trouble as they had five fouls in the quarter, marking them at 13 already in the game (19 in total).

And the fouls kept coming in the fourth quarter as each team continually kept fouling left and right. The only swooshes on either end were coming from the line as both teams went 1 for 7 from the field, which really left the Beaver Dam quiet.

Hamblin gained some control for the Beavers staying under the basket grabbing three layups, and although it was by far the most inaudible quarter, the crowd got on their feet and roared as the game came to a close.

No team has shot better than 35.3% against Oregon State, and this holds true today as the Beavers held the Utes to 34.5%, coming on top with their 12th straight win, 72-53. This is the program's longest streak since it won 14 straight in the 1982-83 season.

Weisner impressed as always tonight with 27 points, 7 rebounds, followed by Hamblin with a double-double 14 points, 11 rebounds, and 5 blocks. Deven Hunter collected 11 points; 4 rebounds and Wiese took care of passing the ball, closing the night with 10 assists.

Crozon was the leading scorer for Utah with 16 points, 9 rebounds followed by Fatuesi with 13 points, 2 rebounds and Boclair with 10 points 3 rebounds.