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Homeless girl’s Christmas wish comes true, meets WNBA player

WNBA player Aerial Powers made one little girl’s Christmas one she’ll always remember.

NBA Photos/Getty Images

Detroit, MI — Believing in miracles can be a difficult thing for individuals, especially when it seems that hope is lost, that life hasn’t given you any breaks. We have all had dreams or wishes of something amazing happening in our lives, hoping one day it will come true, that something will leave a lasting impression on our life.

During this holiday break, one little girl let her wish be known to others around her, that she had a one Christmas wish: to meet a WNBA player.

This Christmas, that is exactly what happened.

Fourteen-year-old Gabrielle Randall, a homeless child in Detroit, who with the help of the community and local news members at WXYZ Detroit, was able to enjoy an unforgettable evening, as she met WNBA player and local Detroit star, Aerial Powers.

As word got out in the community about Randall’s Christmas wish, one particular viewer, Anthony Cornell, who happens to run an AAU Basketball program in the Hype Gym in Detroit, heard the wish and immediately took action.

Anthony Cornell told WXYZ Detroit, "I always feel this is my assignment from God, to help out. So, when I got the call from one of my AAU parents, I woke up and called Aerial's mom and dad."

Just the next day, Juan and Cecelia Powers agreed to take Randall, her sister and her mother to not only meet their daughter Aerial, but to drive them to a Michigan State Women’s basketball game.

"I appreciate that God blessed us to be a part of their happiness," shared Cecelia Powers with the local news.

The news was bittersweet for Randall, who wasn’t too pleased to miss basketball practice, but within seconds the sadness dispersed after learning the news: her Christmas wish was coming true.

"I was kind of upset that I couldn't go to basketball practice, but now I'm going to get to meet a WNBA player, so I'm okay."

As WXYZ Detroit reported, Randall enjoyed a game with Powers, as they sat behind the Michigan State bench during a home game, and Randall walked away from the evening with a signed ball by Dallas Wings guard/forward.

"I tried not to cry when I got the news, cause it was heartwarming that I could actually make her dream come true," Aerial Powers told WXYZ Detroit. "If I can do it, the next girl like Gabrielle can do it also."

Moreover, during a holiday season, where many focus on giving, Powers continues to give. She has invited Randall and her sister, to take part in her first local basketball camp, during the week of Feb. 11 at the Hype Gym in Detroit.