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Baylor’s Kim Mulkey sharply criticizes ESPN for lack of coverage

There are some major games happening this week, and some include the No. 2 Baylor Bears, as they take on No. 3 UConn. Problem is, it won’t be aired on ESPN, and Baylor head coach Kim Mulkey wasn’t happy about it.

One of the most powerful voices and leaders in women’s basketball is Baylor head coach Kim Mulkey. And she’s also someone who doesn’t hold back her opinion, especially when it has to do with any slight towards women’s basketball.

Yesterday, after the No. 2 Bears’ big victory over No. 9 UCLA, Mulkey called out ESPN for not showcasing other top games for this week, including Baylor’s huge game against No. 3 UConn.

Watch how she takes ESPN to task at the 10:55 mark.