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Renee Brown stepping down as WNBA Chief of Basketball Operations

After serving 20 years as the Chief of Basketball Operations, Renee Brown will be stepping down from her position.

Jesse D. Garrabrant - Getty Images

The WNBA announced today, after serving as the league WNBA Chief of Basketball Operations and Player Relations for 20 years, Renee Brown will be stepping down. President of the WNBA, Lisa Borders reported Brown’s last day will be Oct. 20 and Brown will assist in finding her replacement before joining the Jr. NBA Leadership Council.

Brown had this to say on her departure from her positions:

“These 20 years with the WNBA are among the most fulfilling of my life. I love the WNBA and will cherish all the wonderful memories and experiences during my tenure. I want to thank David Stern, Val Ackerman, Russ Granik and Adam Silver for the opportunity to join the WNBA family. To every player who has worn a WNBA jersey, thank you. It has been a privilege serving all of you. I also want to thank Lisa Borders and look forward to continuing to support her and the entire league, teams and players as I move on to other opportunities.”

Brown has been a big influence for the WNBA since she has been in office. Her job responsibilities have included overseeing the policies for on-court basketball operations and administration of player-related programs.

“Renee’s contributions to the WNBA’s growth have been immeasurable,” said Borders. “It has been a pleasure working alongside her during this landmark season and I will continue to rely on her expertise. She will always be part of the WNBA family.”