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Minus leading scorer, Lucky Lefty steps up for Charlotte

The Charlotte 49ers earned themselves a win at home against LA Tech in another C-USA game. As Charlotte held the lead since the first period, it was an all out battle as the Lady Techsters followed close behind as they tried to pull through.

Photo by Sam Roberts/FreezeFrame Photo

Charlotte, NC - LA Tech and Charlotte met Saturday at 7 p.m. at Halton Area as both teams were coming off of a previous win. The Charlotte 49ers showed the Lady Techsters who the real queens are as LA Techs' first-time appearance to the Queen City was not so welcoming.

With Ciara Gregory, the leading scorer out of the game, the 49ers take home the win 63-58 to rise to 9-5 as the Lady Techsters drop to 6-8 with a loss as they head back to Ruston.

It took some time for the Lady Techsters to get warmed up but they got in the game with their first two at the 7:12 mark. The first period ended at 16-13 with the 49ers in the lead while LA Tech was shooting at 27% and Charlotte at 50%. Charlotte had earned themselves four team fouls in the first period, Raventós standing with two alone.

Lefty Webster took over the second period where everything seemed to go right for the junior guard from Norfolk. Webster ended the first half with seven points and three rebounds. Free throws from Kira Gordon and Grace Hunter helped put Charlotte in the lead at the half, 33-25.

Ashley Santos was a smooth shooter for the Lady Techsters, contributing 11 of the 25 points in the first half. Another 11 points came from senior forward Brandi Wingate. LA Tech entered the third period with 6 personal fouls for the team.

LA Tech was first on the board in the third period, but they were just not able to close the lead, 45-39 after the third. Charlotte forced some dangerous passes during the fourth, and LA Tech was able to capitalize on a couple of turnovers, but the 49ers kept the lead.

With two minutes remaining, the Lady Techsters were down by four as they continued to fight through turnovers to try and earn a consecutive win. Webster missed a three as it was rebounded by 49er Hunter as Charlotte continued to fight to keep the lead.

With 26 seconds remaining, Charlotte holds the lead, 61-58. The Lady Techsters fouled which allowed Charlotte to grasp a five-point lead through free throws as they take the win, 63-58.

"I told them to stay strong and focus on defense. It was late in the quarter, and we were struggling to score, we were turning it over, that doesn't matter if you can get stops and we were still tough enough to get stops," Charlotte 49er head coach Cara Consuegra speaks on the determination of her team.

"They are continuing to prove to themselves that they can find a way to win. They care enough to be able to battle. When you care about something as much as they care about each other, it makes it a lot easier."

Both teams return to action Thursday, January 14th for more C-USA action. Charlotte travels to Middle Tennessee while the Lady Techsters will take on FIU at home.