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Team nails buzzer-beater, loses because of celebration

A last second three went in for Sioux Fall giving them the one-point victory, the buzzer sounded and the backboard lit up; yet, the victory of the game went to Winona State by one.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Usually, when the buzzer sounds at the end of the game, teams' benches are allowed on the court, however for Sioux Falls, doing that granted them not only a technical, but losing the game as well. With just seconds left in the game and down, Taylor Varsho of Sioux Fall nailed a three to give her team the win, 59-58--or so she thought.

Officials went to the replay, as they should, to ensure she, in fact, got the shot off in time. What they saw was, yes she did, however, there was still less than half a second on the clock. Due to the court being rushed with time remaining, the Cougars received a technical, which gave Winona State two free-throws; the free-throws were made giving the victory to Winona State, 60-59.

Looking at the replay, who can disagree with Sioux Falls, the backboard DID indeed light up, indicating the game was over, therefore they could start their celebration. On the other side, the refs did what all refs would do in this situation is to review the made basket and be positive there is no more time.

It's a tough loss to handle--thinking you won with a buzzer beater, only to seconds later that feeling of celebration erased and now feeling deflated.

What makes it all tricky is the arena saw and heard the buzzer go off, Winona State also thinking they had lost to their rival.

Rene' Kennedy contributed to this article.