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Tennessee to pay over $1 million in Discrimination Suit

A settlement in the amount of $1 million has been agreed upon in the gender discrimination lawsuit from former UT members of the athletics department, Jenny Moshak, Heather Mason and Collin Schlosser.

Photo by Patrick Murphy Racy

This is the second discrimination suit brought up against the Athletic Department at the University of Tennessee. The first one was settled with Debby  Jennings in 2014 for $320,000; however, this time, the cost would be more at $1 million as the settlement amount.

When the woman's and men's athletics departments combined, Jenny Moshak, Heather Mason, and Collin Schlosser felt they received lesser of a job than their male counterparts. In fact, Schlosser's was terminated as an employee of the UT Athletics Department.

This settlement is showing the importance--across the nation--how unfair pay, opportunity, funding and participation will not be tolerated. Making things worse for Tennessee, 12 out of 15 staffers laid off were women.

The lawsuit came about when there was a controversy over rebranding all women's sports teams at Tennessee. Furthermore, since last July, all teams have been changed to the Volunteers, except for the women's basketball team which remains the Lady Vols.

In Tennessee's press conference, they shared the settlement was filed in federal court for $750,000 for the former UT Athletic Department employees. Both sides of the suit agreed the attorney fees would range between $300,000 and $475,000.