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Ouch! Syracuse slaughters #12 Duke by 36; Miami gets annihilated

There was two very surprising beatdowns today, and it happened to two of best teams in the country: No. 12 Duke and #22 Miami.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Upsets happen, that's the realm and beauty of sports. However, you usually don't see upsets of this magnitude, where a team unranked, completely outclasses their higher ranked opponent. But that's what happened today. There's copious things that I could say, but the words of choice is SHOCKED!

Virginia's Joanne Boyle had been on a proverbial "warm" seat, where many were wondering if this could be her last year. And while this game doesn't dictate the rest of the season, and how it will inevitably play out for the Cavaliers, but this sure is a potent salvo, with Virginia winning by 20 over No. 22 Miami -- and it wasn't really even that close.

While watching games, I had a chance to see No. 12 Duke play Syracuse. And the 'Cuse got out to a huge lead early, but like many others, I expected the Blue Devils to mount a comeback, but that didn't come close to fruition. This is truly a strong win for Coach Q and his Orangewomen, as they pounded Duke into submission by beating them by 36!

This type of prevue by these ranked teams in their conference opener are shocking to say the least. It will be interesting to see how voters vote this week in the top-25 polls. Because astute basketball minds know that ranked teams should NEVER lose that badly to an unranked team.

You always here the phrase, "New Year's started with a BANG," well, welcome to 2016 everyone!