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3 dead in tragic murder-suicide

Condolences to the SUNY women's basketball team and community as they mourn the death of Kelsey Annese, per multiple sources. Her life was taken by her estranged ex-boyfriend, who took the life of her current boyfriend, then followed by taking his own as well.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Two student athletes were found dead on campus at SUNY, according to multiple reports. One of those students was a player on the women’s basketball team, Kelsey Annese, and the other her boyfriend, Matt Hutchinson, who was on the hockey team at the University. The two young individual's lives were taken when the ex-boyfriend of Annese, Colin Kingston, was distraught over their breakup and her reportedly new boyfriend in Matt.

As reported by the New York Post, the estimated time of death was between 5:30 a.m. and 6:21 a.m. Sunday, when Colin arrived at the rented house of Annese, where he brought with him a "large knife." After breaking into the home, he found the two individuals who were more than likely sleeping and took their lives in what appears a quick manner that had no signs of a struggle.

This unfortunate situation has come from a break-up Annese and Kingston had after dating for more than three years. The disappointed boyfriend took out his heartbreak on others and in one of the most sickening ways, outright murder.

In the Post and other reports, it is reported Kingston called his father after he committed his crime, to not only confess what he had done, however, to share he then would be taking his own life. Even more alarming, Kingston had been making threats previously before this horrific night of murder-suicide.

Family members, teammates and friends are at a loss of words of the situation, yet know how vibrant of an individual Annese was to have in their life. Shocking news like this was truly depressing as the students returned to campus from winter break. In fact, the mayor in Geneseo is experiencing his first murder in his tenure of being mayor, which has been 30 years, he shared with the New York Post.