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Player stomps person in ugly brawl at high school game

Yesterday, an awful and appalling fight happened yesterday between two girl's basketball teams: Pike and Ben Davis.

There was a nasty fight that took place between two Indiana high schools last night at Ben Davis high school -- Pike and Ben Davis. In one part of the clip, you can clearly see a girl's basketball player from Pike stomping someone on the ground. It's a very sad and unfortunate situation.

After this incident took place, Ben Davis said this in a statement:

"We are extremely disappointed that good sportsmanship was not shown by the players involved in today’s girls basketball game at Ben Davis High School. We are working closely with administrators at Pike High School and the IHSAA to determine exactly which players were involved in this incident.  

"This behavior is not representative of our values, beliefs, or how we coach our student athletes. It is not reflective of the Ben Davis pride our students, alumni, and community share. And it certainly does not reflect the rich tradition and success of our girls basketball team. The Ben Davis players involved will face consequences at school, and we will comply with any consequences we receive from the IHSAA."

The IHSAA is investigating the incident.

Video courtesy of WTHR 13.