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MTSU takes a big hit, Olivia Jones quits team

Olivia Jones and Middle Tennessee State University are parting after Jones decided to quit while the team was on the road. Jones claims she quit, other reports state she was indefinitely suspended.

Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

Junior forward Olivia Jones has left the Middle Tennessee State University Women's Basketball team, after quitting while the team was on the road in Texas. On the other end, it is reported she was suspended indefinitely. As every story has two sides, this one is showing just that and waiting to hear from Head Coach Rick Insell at a later time as this story continues. Come Monday, Jones plans to ask for her release so she can transfer to another school.

Jones has shared even with Coach Insell being a good coach; the two weren't seeing eye-to-eye. In fact, she handed in her uniform after he told her to "quit if you want." Even further, Jones is looking for a different style of coaching. From her side of the story, Jones hasn't been happy at MTSU and has being trying to push through because her family is close in Rutherford Country and love for her former teammates.

With Jones leaving, this could or could not be a blow to MTSU, as she is Conference USA's Preseason Player of the Year. Last year she led the conference in scoring at 19.8 points per game, yet this year she is the third highest scorer on her team and distributing the ball more this season.

Only time will tell how impactful this decision will be: will MTSU be relieved to have gotten rid of someone who could have been cancerous or will they be lacking in areas on the court where the preseason player of the year was influential?