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Knee injury sidelines Gonzaga's Tinkle for remainder of season

Elle Tinkle will unfortunately end her senior year early due to a knee injury. She hurt her knee earlier in the season and had surgery this past Monday.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Gonzaga Women's basketball coach Lisa Fortier announced today that senior forward, Ellie Tinkle, would miss the remainder of the season because of a knee injury. In her career, Elle has played in 110 games, starting the 10 she was able to play this season. During the games she played this year she averaged 10.5 points and 4.5 rebounds.

“Injuries are always hard for a student-athlete to endure, especially in their senior year,” Fortier said. “I feel bad for Elle, but she makes such a positive impact on our team in a variety of ways. While we will miss her on the court while she is out, we will continue to rely heavily on her as a leader of our team.”

Losing Elle is a big hit for the Zags, as coming into the year she was voted to the All WCC Team after last season making the First Team All-WCC Team. Last year, she was second in conference in shooting at 50.6% from the field and forth in three point percentage at 43.8%. S

he made the top ten in the league for steals, blocks and threes made per game. Her impact doesn't stop on the court, she all is an Academic All-Conference selection in 2014-2015; a prime example of a student athlete.

No matter when an injury comes, it is hard to deal with, especially when it grants missing a big chunk of games. This injury will hurt Elle as it is her senior year, however this around young lady will still continue to be a leader and impactful individual for her teams for the rest of the year.