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10-minute rain delay withstanding, Shock's Sims outshines Stars

There are a lot of odd things that can happen at a basketball game, but a rain delay is not something one would suspect. Even with a 10-minute rain delay, Tulsa's Odyssey Sims shined.

Chris Poss

A bizarre rain delay in Tulsa Tuesday kept the Shock rolling with the 74-64 win against San Antonio.

A leak in the BOK Center caused a 10-minute, rare indoor rain delay during the matchup between Tulsa and the Stars.

With playoffs previously set for Tulsa, the outcome of this game had little value. The Shock rotated heavily between starters and their bench freely to pull through with ease for the last season home win.

Not the prettiest of games for either team Tulsa suffered 15 turnovers with San Antonio shortly behind with 13. With speed on both ends, plays often became rushed with countless sloppy mistakes. The Shock played lackadaisical leaving wiggle room with the Stars for the majority of the game.

Coach Fred Williams voiced his view on how his team came out against San Antonio: "The first half was flat, and we didn't really step up. I really had to play a lot of people." All across the board,  stats between San Antonio and the Shock were nearly identical aside from Tulsa sealing the deal at the end with a late push of points.

Odyssey Sims shined with 27 points and seven rebounds leading the Shock.

"I thought Odyssey (Sims) kind of put them on her back a little bit, and that was a stretch where we kind of lost the lead.  We had four people in double figures, so we were trying to do some things, but Tulsa is finding ways to win these types of games," Stars Head Coach Dan Hughes stated.

With the Shock and San Antonio both holding the lowest shooting percentages in the WNBA, both teams relied heavily on transition baskets. San Antonio bailed the Shock out by committing numerous fouls sending them to the line 20 times.

It was the three-pointer in the fourth that sprung the Shock ahead, fired by Theresa Plaisance to bump Tulsa to victory. Plaisance humbly after the game, "It is nice being on the court, but I really just want to do whatever my team and coach need from me. We had some players go down, and I had to step in and fill in for them."

After ultimately trailing all game the Shock shut down San Antonio thanks to a breakthrough fourth quarter comfortably by 10.