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Mystics rookie Ally Malott feels team is hitting stride

As the Washington Mystics get ready to start their playoff journey tonight against the New York Liberty, rookie Ally Malott took time to speak with Swish Appeal.

Photo by Ray Floriani

New York, NY -- Following an outstanding career at Dayton, Ally Malott was the eighth overall pick by the Washington Mystics in the WNBA draft. At Dayton, the 6-4 forward led the Flyers to four straight NCAA appearances.

This past spring they advanced to the Elite Eight before falling at the hands of eventual National Champion UCONN. A versatile player Malott was not only one of the top scorers and rebounders in Flyer history but also ranks near the upper part in three-point shooting as well.

We caught up with Malott after last week's Washington win over the Liberty at Madison Square Garden. Her rookie season in the nation's capital has been one of a supporting role. As first year players go there is a learning curve to be mastered, and Malott is progressing just fine.

Swish Appeal: Discuss your experience at Dayton.

Ally Malott: "It was just the best time. My teammates from those years are among my best friends. I learned so much basketball wise and educationally plus socially it was the best four years of my life."

SA: Specifically what did you learn basketball wise that helped you ascend to the WNBA?

AM: "There was a lot of development personally and coach (Jim) Jabir was outstanding with instilling confidence in you as a player. In our offense, there were a lot of opportunities present which helped you develop all-around as a player."

SA: Talk about the Atlantic Ten. From our perspective, it is a tough yet unheralded conference?

AM: "The A-10 is definitely a quality conference that people do not respect as much. My freshman year (‘12) St. Bonaventure went to the Sweet Sixteen. George Washington was good this year. St. Joseph's has been good. There are a lot of quality teams in the league. What the league needs is a few non-conference signature wins in tournament play.

SA: Discuss your Washington Mystics team, where they stand at this point?

AM: "There have been struggles as a team, but recently we have been coming together. We made a push (to improve) to get to the playoffs. With the playoffs coming (and now upon us), I really feel as a team we are hitting our stride."