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Brittney Griner testifies in divorce court; Johnson in debt

Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson testified on Monday in divorce court, according to multiple reports. Johnson is seeking $20,000 in spousal support from Griner, as she says she's in debt.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, Brittney Griner made an appearance in divorce court in the ongoing saga between her and her estranged wife, Glory Johnson, according to multiple reports.

Last week, a judge in Maricopa County rejected Griner's request to have her 28-day marriage annulled. Here is some of the report from ABC 15 in Phoenix on Monday's proceedings:

"In court, Johnson's lawyers argued because she's pregnant with twins, via an IVF procedure she underwent while still with Griner, her doctor won't clear her to play basketball so she won't get paid.

Appearing by phone, Johnson said she's already in debt.

She's asking $7,000 a month for her food budget and $6,000 for hired help and the rest to live on.

"When I go to the grocery store I literally spend $300 every week, sometimes it's less because I don't have it," Johnson testified.

On paper Griner will make about $1 million this year but says she has expenses too.

"Even with your contract with Nike and your WNBA contract would you be able to pay $20,000 a month?" asked Griner's lawyer, "No." Griner responded flatly."

Johnson is seeking $20,000 a month from Griner in spousal support. The judge in this case has 60 days to make his decision on whether Johnson is entitled to that sustenance.

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