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Are you ready for Seimone Augustus?

The Minnesota Lynx punched their ticket to the play-offs and are on a two game winning streak and with Seimone Augustus back it can only mean more success for them. She is excited to be back, healthy and reconnect with her fellow teammate Sylvia Fowles. Swish Appeal caught up with her before she makes her debut against the Atlanta Dream tonight after coming off a knee surgery.

Chris Poss

Swish Appeal: How excited are you to be back and be able to play tonight after getting injured midway through the season?

Seimone Augustus: "I am happy to be back and to get back into the grind of things and be out there with my teammates and compete in good health.  It has been kind of tough having to watch them go through long stretches, road trips and home games that I wanted to a part of.  I was definitely there to cheer them on and when I was able to get on the floor and try to help by telling them to play defense, put some points up or bring some energy or whatever it may be."

SA: "You mentioned it was hard having to sit out ten games, what would say you took away with having to sit out?"

Augustus: "I always knew my teammates worked hard with the fight, guts and glory they have night in and night out.  We always say man down or man up and the way the have been playing over the last few weeks has been amazing.  People say that without me, we are missing points and veteran leadership, but I was proud that they were able to handle that situation and keep pushing forward.  We locked in a playoff position, and now it's about securing a home-court throughout the playoffs.

SA: How excited are you to play with your former Louisiana State University teammate Sylvia Fowles?

Augustus: "It feels great! It is going to be different than it was in college; we were both young, learning the game and each other but now we are more mature adults.  She has grown into a beautiful woman and a great player and it is good to see how mature she is mentally on the floor.  She is aggressive and would be looking for fouls to be called for her, but now she does not even expect a call on the floor, and that sets volumes from where she was and where she is going.

SA: What does going forward in the playoffs mean to you?  What are some of your goals you have set forth as you finish out the season?

Augustus: "Definitely get the chemistry together with me jumping back into the starting line-up,  it is going to be a different look for the team.  Now that Anna Cruz is going to be coming off the bench, the bench is going to be a little more stronger.  We just want to fine tune the engine -- and we are just ready to go for the playoffs."