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Another player accuses Bryce McKey of sexual abuse

Another player from the Xavier women's basketball team has come forward, accusing former assistant coach Bryce McKey of sexual abuse.

Photo by Greg Rust

Last night, the news broke that ex-Xavier and current Maryland assistant, Bryce McKey, was being charged with sexual abuse of a player during his tenure at Xavier. Well, this situation has gone from bad to worse, as another Musketeers player has come forward stating that McKey made sexual advances at her as well.

In an article in the Washington Post, another player, and her parents spoke via their attorney about the sexual advances perpetrated by McKey. It goes into much detail, as it shows that McKey seemed to have a plan in order to fulfill his intent with these young ladies.

Here is part of the article from the Washington Post:

"The Xavier player and her parents authorized her Akron-based attorney, Walter Madison, to contact The Washington Post in hopes of preventing a similar situation from occurring again, the player's father said in a phone interview Thursday night.

"A lot of young ladies probably don't come forward. I was proud of [my daughter] for coming forward," the accuser's father said. "Hopefully by reporting them, that it will help protect other girls that are going around coaches and feeling safe and secure, and realize it's not safe and secure."

The Post generally does not identify victims of alleged sex crimes.

Madison said in a phone interview Thursday that McKey invited another Xavier women's basketball player to his home after the complainant left on the evening of May 2. According to Madison, the second woman also alleged sexual abuse by McKey, although no charges have been filed. Madison is also representing the second alleged victim and said her allegation is being investigated as a felony.

"It was completely an ambush," Madison said. "They just couldn't process this person that they trusted to be such a violator in the way that he was. And the timing of it just makes them really wonder how long in his mind, how long had he been violating these women anyway, while they are [at Xavier], working with him."

Also, in the Washington Post, the parents delve into the fact that they believe it was subterfuge by McKey. That he was using his moment of goodbye -- McKey was leaving Xavier to go Maryland -- as a way to wile the young ladies.

And while the first accuser's charge is a misdemeanor, the second accuser's allegation is being investigated as a potential felony.

Another aspect of this situation is the fact that McKey introduced alcohol into this equation. As of now, no one knows if these girls are underage, but if so, this will add another troubling layer to this equation. McKey is also accused of trying to pay the initial accuser "hush" money to ensure her silence.

Maryland has suspended McKey indefinitely, according to a spokesman when contacted by Swish Appeal.