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Ex-Xavier assistant Bryce McKey charged with sexual abuse

Ex-Xavier assistant Bryce McKey has been charged with sexual abuse, according to a report in the Cincinnati Enquirer. McKey left Xavier this year to become the new assistant coach at Maryland.

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Former Xavier assistant coach Bryce McKey has been charged with misdemeanor sexual abuse, according to a report in the Cincinnati Enquirer

Here is some of the report from the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Former XU assistant coach Bryce McKey, 29, has been charged with misdemeanor sexual abuse and is scheduled to be arraigned in Kenton County District Court on Friday morning, according to court documents obtained by The Enquirer.

Also more of the report:

The 20-year-old player claims that on May 2, McKey asked her to come to his Covington residence, according to a complaint. After the player arrived at McKey's residence, he "offered her alcohol and after a few drinks, he touched her buttocks on two occasions without her permission," according to the complaint.

McKey was not a Xavier employee at the time of the alleged incident, Xavier general counsel Joe Feldhaus told The Enquirer on Thursday. Maryland announced McKey's hiring on April 22, according to a release.

Feldhaus said privacy laws prohibited him from discussing McKey's employment record during the coach's three years at Xavier.

"An allegation like this is horrible," Feldhaus said. "We feel terrible about it, not that we have any control."

McKey is now an assistant at the University of Maryland.