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No Moore slump for Maya

For a fraction of the 2015 season, Maya Moore has somewhat been in a slump offensively. But after the Minnesota Lynx’s last two games, both victories, she seems to have found her rhythm -- and dominance.

Minneapolis, MN -- Maya Moore continues to shine offensively for Lynx as they get another victory against the Seattle Storm.  She was the epitome of perfection in tonight's win over the Storm.  Moore got her 23rd career double-double with 23 points and 11 rebounds as they beat the Storm 82-57.

The outcome against the Storm was pretty similar to the last time the two matched up.  The first time they played Seattle, they beat them 94-70 at home.  Only this time, Maya Moore put on a show, a clinic or whatever metaphor one wants to surmise. Compared to her last showing against the Storm, where Moore only had a pedestrian seven points in 28 minutes

Moore continues to come out of early season shooting slump, as she shot an astounding 71% from the field tonight. Throughout most of tonight's contest, she was very consistent even when the Lynx started to pull away.

"The key is taking more effective shots and playing aggressive," said Moore.

During the first quarter, there were four lead changes, as the Storm and Lynx went back and forth. However, Moore dispelled Seattle's hope for victory, as she went off for a game-high 23 points.  Once the second quarter began, Moore really elevated her shooting and took over.

She scored 10 points in the second period.  And going into halftime, Moore had a total of 14 points and eight rebounds.  To start the second half, she did not let up, Moore was everywhere on both ends of the floor.  She was disciplined defensively, stayed out of out trouble and showcased the same on the offensive of end.

Moore took good shots, and every shot she took, it seemed to go in.  She scored in a variety of ways, from pull-ups to coming off screens and driving to the basket. You name it, Moore just made it look easy tonight.

In the fourth quarter, Moore was able to sit back after a well shooting game and watch her team continue to dominate against the storm.

"Early in the season she kind of struggled, but she has found her shot, and we expect more of that as the season goes on," Augustus stated about Moore. "We're glad to have her back."

In the Lynx's last two games, Maya Moore has averaged 22 points, and eight rebounds and her team won both games. It is evident, that when Moore plays up to her MVP capabilities, the Lynx are almost impossible to beat.

If she stays consistent and continues to dominate, the Lynx will be well on their way to another WNBA championship.