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Kings officially announce Nancy Lieberman as assistant coach

Nancy Lieberman has been officially hired by the Sacramento Kings as assistant coach.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

While it was a forgone conclusion, today the Sacramento Kings announced Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman as one of their new assistants. Lieberman, who is one of the greatest women's basketball players in history, has been a significant figure in not only women's basketball, but in basketball circles in general.

Word began to leak out earlier this week that this was a mere formality, but now it's official. The Kings are the second NBA team to hire a woman as a full-time assistant, as the Spurs, most notably, hired Becky Hammon as an assistant last year. Hammon went on to coach their D-League team and won the D-League Championship.

With Hammon and now Lieberman as full-time assistants, one can see that the pendulum is swinging towards not only more women assistant coaches, but also an NBA team hiring a woman as head coach.