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Charles living dream playing in New York

Swish Appeal caught up with 6’4" New York Liberty Center Tina Charles regarding her All-Star selection -- and her happiness of playing in her hometown.

Photo by Dave Saffran/MSG Photos

Swish Appeal: How are you enjoying being in New York?

Tina Charles: "I love New York I was born and raised there, so it is a dream come true to be playing here."

SA: What does it feel like to be able to compete in another All-Star Game?

TC: "It's a blessing I don't take it for granted, it doesn't happen to everyone especially consecutively. So I am very honored and pleased to be representing the New York Liberty."

SA: What is your favorite part about being an All-Star?

TC: "Just the camaraderie, you are around girls that you don't get to play with in the WNBA or even overseas, so you get to know them more, so just the camaraderie of it all."

SA: How have you managed to maintain being an All-Star since being drafted into the WNBA?

TC: "Just my focus, knowing what my team means to me and keeping my team first then everything else falls into place."

SA: Any predictions on the final score to the All-Star Game?

TC: "I have no clue, but hopefully the east can win it again, I think it was a great All-Star game last year so hopefully we can put on another great show."

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