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Open Letter to Natasha Cloud

Here's an open letter from the Saint Joseph's coaching staff and players to Natasha Cloud. Cloud was recently drafted by the Washington Mystics with the No. 15 pick, and became the first Big 5 player to make the WNBA roster in 8 years.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Tash,

Congratulations on being drafted, making the Mystics final roster, and being part of the greatest Women's Basketball League in the World! This opportunity is one that you have worked for since you picked up a ball. You are part of four decades of great point guards at St. Joe's and you rank up there with the best.

I know you will become one of the greatest in the WNBA as well. Coaching a player of your talent, skill and versatility was very special to me and now the whole world gets to share in those talents.

You are a Hawk in the true sense of the word: Hardworking, Disciplined, Character-filled, and most importantly, a true team player. These strong characteristics along with your talent, skills, and leadership qualities will continue to make you a Winner in all that you do!


Coach Griffin

Here are some things your Hawk teammates and coaches have to share:

Congratulations! As one of your former coaches and analum of Saint Joseph's I couldn't be prouder or more excited for you. You're an inspiration to all little girl basketball players in the SJU neighborhood, including my daughters. I know that you'll represent SJU community, our program, and Delco well! I look forward to following your WNBA career. Never forget The Hawk Will Never Die! Coach Steph

Tash you are a true example of when you work hard and put the EXTRA time in that dreams really can come true. It has been a lot of fun watching you get better every year that you've been here! Thanks for making us proud when you play, showing the world what Saint Joseph's University and our Women's basketball program are all about...The Hawk Will Never Die! Coach Jada

Tash, playing with you was great at St. Joe's because you are the most unselfish player ever! You are always looking for ways to make your teammates around you better. You have great energy and are always making sure the team is together and on the same page. You deserve this more than anybody I know and I am proud of you! Ciara Andrews, SJU class of 2016.