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Sue Bird ready to lead Storm's rebuilt roster

Even with the changes in the offseason for the Seattle Storm, there is one mainstay: Sue Bird. Bird is one of the great point guards in WNBA history, and she embraces the challenge of leading a young team.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Swish Appeal: Playing with new coach Jenny Boucek talk about how that's been so far and what she brings to the table.

SB: "Jenny has been great, she has been ready for this moment for a long time. She had the opportunity to be a head coach again, and she is making the most of it. I have known her for a really long time, and we have a good player-coach relationship. Its been nice to have her here and also as a friend to see how well she is going."

SA: What is her coaching style and greatest assets she brings to the team?

SB: "She is super smart, a student of basketball, wants to learn new things and always be at the forefront of bringing new things into the WNBA -- and thats what she has brought to the Storm. She brings different ways and playing different styles, and very smart student of the game -- many mentors in NBA that she has learned from."

SA: A much different looking team than last year, you lost some big pieces, not only in your coach Brian Agler but in players such as Tanisha Wright and Tameka Johnson who do you see stepping in to replace such talented players.

SB: "(I) Don't look at it like that (as replacing someone). We were very successful when Brian was here. When I think about my playing time under Brian, we have great memories, but Jenny is not Brian, and Brian is not Jenny -- and I could say the same going down the line. Tanisha Wright was one of my favorite teammates both on and off the court.

"We played really well together, but I don't expect Jewel to be Tanisha, just like Tanisha is not Jewel. So it is not about who can feel what void. Right now, we have a great situation and a great opportunity for people to come in and make their own name, and make their mark on this franchise, thats how I see it."

SA: Also talk about your role on this team being that you are the veteran and have some rookies on the team.

SB: "I have been in this league a long time, so I do have experience, but really I just try to help out wherever I can. If there is a question, I hope I can have the answer. If I ever see anything, I will point it out because that is the way this league works. You know the quicker you can learn it and become accustomed to the style of play, the easier the transition can be so I am just trying to help with that."