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Brittney Griner decides to not attend USA team training camp

Phoenix Mercury star center, Brittney Griner, has pulled out of participating in the USA team training camp, according to reports. She was arrested about two weeks ago for disorderly conduct with fiancee Glory Johnson. Griner has entered a diversion program, in which she will receive 26 weeks of domestic violence counseling.

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According to multiple reports, Brittney Griner has decided to forgo attending the USA team training camp. Griner has been in the headlines as she was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, after an altercation with her fiancee Glory Johnson. Here is part of the report from the AP:

The 6-foot-8 star of the Phoenix Mercury was arrested April 22 on suspicion of assault after a fight with her fiancee, fellow WNBA player Glory Johnson. Griner was expected to be one of the 27 players at the camp that started Monday. She opted not to come over the weekend, according to USA Basketball.

Griner entered into a diversion agreement, where she will plead guilty to disorderly conduct and attend 26 weeks of domestic violence counseling. All charges will be dismissed if she completes her counseling.

Griner has entered a diversion program, which will last 26 weeks. After its completion, Griner will have the charges dropped against her.