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Minnesota Lynx focused on championship and legacy

Our intern Cayla McMorris -- a native Minnesotan and member of the Wisconsin Women's Basketball team -- covered The Minnesota Lynx, as they held Media Day this past Thursday. And the message from the team was loud and clear: WNBA Championship.

Photo by Cayla McMorris

I was eager to receive the opportunity to work at the Minnesota Lynx Media Day for my first day as a Swish Appeal/SB Nation intern.  The event was hosted at the Mayo Clinic Square, which is the new practice facility where the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx practice.

I did not know what to expect going into the event, and when I first arrived at Lynx media day, the first person I saw was Seimone Augustus. I almost forgot that I was there for business, and not as a fan, so I had to keep from stargazing.  It was great being able to interact with them, and see their various personalities, that many may not be able to see on the basketball court.

A few of the players I was able to listen to were Augustus, Maya Moore, Lindsay Whalen and Amber Harris, as they discussed their upcoming season.  After not making it to the Finals last year, for the first time in about three years, "all of their focus and what they are trying to do is get back to the Finals," Whalen stated after being asked about their hopes for this upcoming season.

Moore, who is one of the greatest winners in women's basketball history, won a championship with her overseas team in Asia. She said that "results are something I definitely look at, but more than anything, I always look at the way I played, and the way the team played, those things stick with me more." Having this mindset is what motivates her to be better.

The Lynx are overcoming a bit of adversity, with the absence of Janel McCarville this season, but they refuse to let that stop them. A potential person who might be able to fill the shoes of McCarville's absence, is a player that many Lynx players are familiar with, Amber Harris.

They are extremely excited about their former teammate, and what she can do for the team.  Many of the players interviewed stated that Harris brings a lot of energy to the table and aggressiveness.

When asked how she feels about playing for the Lynx again Harris stated: "I am a team player and anybody that has that same mentality, I want to be a part of that".  Also, the Lynx players are excited about the drafting of Shae Kelley, who was a former Minnesota Gopher player last year (2014-2015).  They believe she can help their team.

"I like her intensity, she does not seem to get tired and I like the way she cuts to the ball, she is really good at it," Harris expressed when asked about her impressions about Kelley.

If you are a Lynx fan, you should be very excited about the upcoming season.  They are focus on getting back to the WNBA Finals, and even more, win another championship.

"Legacy and what we are doing for the future, all of these things motivate you and continue to make you work hard," said Whalen.