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After 2 days, Brittany Hrynko cut by the Atlanta Dream

After two days of training camp, the Atlanta Dream have cut Brittany Hrynko. Hrynko was acquired in a trade from the Connecticut Sun, after being selected No. 19 in the WNBA Draft.

Remember the excitement of school starting after having the summer off? You couldn't wait to get back to hang out with your friends. That's the excitement here with the Atlanta Dream during media day.

The make up, the hair the flashing lights - the ladies look more like models than professional basketball players. But as a fan I love all the craziness. I was really looking forward to interviewing rookie sensation Brittany Hrynko from DePaul. I wanted to know what the deal was with her tattoos.

But unfortunately I learned right away for Hrynko the "Dream" is over - she's been cut from the team. So "that's it?" I wondered - just "she's been cut." That's when you remember all the make up, hair and flashing lights is fun but it's still all about the "bizness."